October 17, 2012


Not the first time the Prime Minister has lost a shoe.
 She was in New Delhi.


  1. I would suggest that maybe if she bucked the trend and wore sensible footwear she wouldn't
    look a vaudeville routine quite so often.

    But I don't want to run the risk of being charged with misogymy.

  2. Can’t accuse Gillard of not wearing sensible shoes, they are quite sensible. It’s probably no small wonder many more women in the public eye who are forced to gad-about the world do not have many more moments like this one. You’d expect there to be an entire binder!

    It says something about the grim determination and grit of the female gender that so few instances like this occur, or are captured on film.

  3. She ain't no Cinderella, that's for sure! ;)