August 13, 2012

Rich, smart, safe

Australia has agreed to sell uranium to the United Arab Emirates as one of the Middle East's richest oil kingdoms switches to nuclear power.
Another country we enable to have clean power, but not our own.

But anti-nuclear campaigners have slammed the deal as out of step with European moves to wind back the reliance on atomic power after the disaster last year at the Fukishima power plant in Japan.
Sure, because almost no one dies because from the production of uranium or provisioning of nuclear power, yet thousands die every year in the gas and coal industries, and provisioning power from those sources. 

Australia approves uranium exports to United Arab Emirates 


  1. Interesting also that the greens have missed the most imprtnt development in energy global politics in a hundred years
    A complete game changer I knew I would like the process the first timeci heard the word

    The greens are against fracking
    My guess is they have a problem with the sond of the word

  2. I on the other hand have a problem with tablet keyboards

  3. Fracking greens wouldn't recognize a viable, that is, energy dense, alternative energy source if their lives, or the lives of others, depended on it, Geoffff.

    I didn't think fracking lived up to its promise though?


    Don't worry too much about the keyboard thing, the Princess had hers for a few weeks before realising she could use the keyboard with more than one finger. And a friend recently confessed that it took 1.25 mths before he realised he could access his emails on his new beaut smart phone ... he must have felt a bit ripped off right up until about then. :-D