June 19, 2012

Yes we can!


  1. Yes, darling, but did the earth move for you?

  2. "It was a decent-size rumble, the biggest I've ever felt.

    "The ground moved for 15 to 20 seconds."


    Happens with great regularity to me. ;)

  3. Replies
    1. John, yeah it's pretty bad. People still recovering, even one day later.

      Tweet last night from one poor soul:

      "HELP! I'm trapped underneath thousands upon thousands of tweets! SEND MONEY!"

      It's going to take time for recovery.

      My prayers are with me.

  4. "My prayers are with me." Now that's funny, you sick bastard.

  5. It was SERIOUS, Caz.

    Serious enough for Bill Shorten to appear on television and frown and look very worried for all those poor potential voters - I mean Australians - out there.

    (The doors and windows in our Lalor mansion shook and shuddered for about half a minute but I had initially no idea it was an earthquake. I only really believed it when people started talking about it on Facebook! Bit pathetic of me.)

  6. Hell's bells: if Shorten was compelled to turn up, damned right it was serious! He furrows really well, too, almost on cue.

    One of my sisters, also blessed with having personally experienced the rumble, initially thought hubby was stomping heavily around the house. No, he's not THAT big! Made me chuckle.

    If something isn't trending on Twitter, has it really happened?

    1. Deep questions Caz. It's like the proverbial tree in the forest falling when no-one is around to hear it or make one-handed applause for it.

      Guess it must be the combination of high forehead and receding hairline that aid Shorten's furrows.

    2. Then again Q&A trends on twitter a great deal, I'm not sure if that show can ever be said to have 'really' happened. Nothing real about it. PR hacks arguing with PR hacks attempting to rate their own non-existent opinions seem more real than the other's non-existent opinions.

    3. Then again Q&A trends on twitter a great deal, I'm not sure if that show can ever be said to have 'really' happened.

      *Phew*. That’s of more comfort than you can imagine. I’ve been wondering, of late, that if I don’t tweet, perhaps I don’t really exist.
      And if I don’t poke or “like”, does it mean I’m uncaring, antisocial? A sociopath?

      I know I’ll eventually succumb to ashort hand manner of communicating my every thought - “like” or “dig” or “it’s complicated” (it will make blog posts enormously quicker to write) - but I’m not there yet, and worry that I’m more and more disconnected from the rest of humanity.

      (And then there is Q&A, on which an old, very weary, probably slightly drunk Barry Humphries can appear and be declared on Twitter a refreshing and barbed wit, a national treasurer whose every utterance is a work of art. Char-rist!)


    An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale hit Moe in the late hours of Wednesday. The earthquake decimated the area causing approximately $120.00 worth of damage.

    Victims were seen wandering around aimlessly, muttering "Faaackinell". Three areas of historic burnt out cars were disturbed. Many locals were woken well before their Centrelink cheques arrived.

    The local paper reported that hundreds of residents were confused and bewildered and were still trying to come to terms with the fact that something interesting had happened in Moe.

    One resident - Tracy Sharon ‘Shazza’ Smith, a 15-year-old mother of 5 said "It was
    such a shock, my little Chardonnay-Mercedes came running into my bedroom

    Apparently looting, muggings and car crime were unaffected and carried on as

    The Australian Red Cross has so far managed to ship 4,000 crates of Bacardi-Breezers to the area to help the stricken locals. Rescue workers are still searching through the rubble and have found large quantities of personal belongings, including Health Care Cards, also jewellery and bone china from Big W.


    This appeal is to raise money for food and clothing parcels for those unfortunate enough to be caught up in this disaster.

    Clothing is most sought after - items most needed include: baseball caps, tracksuits, sports singlets, Holden racing tops and Reebok boots. Any other items usually sold at Dimmy's or the Reject Shop.

    Food parcels may be harder to come by, but are needed all the same. Required foodstuffs urgently needed include: McDonald’s, KFC, Hungry Jacks and minimum chips.

    Donations of $20.00 will be taken to buy a packet of winny blue 25s and a lighter to calm the nerves of those affected.

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