June 16, 2012

Rebekah Brooks: red and curly

Prim, proper, pathologically bad memory
Queen Rebekah Books, read all about her, in this recent and glorious piece by Zoe Williams.  It's a delightful record of an important occasion; even better than any written coverage of the life and lost memory of Alan Bond.  Can't wait for the court case.
We had hours of not being able to remember anything. So, she can't remember whether or not David Cameron was at her 40th birthday. (''It was a surprise party,'' she gives, by way of explanation. It's always hard to remember anything when you've had a surprise. It's a bit like a concussion.)

She can't remember the identities of the politicians who have sent her messages of support, nor really the substance of any of the messages.

How did Mr Cameron come to be in Santorini at the same time as Rupert Murdoch and Brooks in 2008? She can't remember. ''I think it was born out of the fact that Mr Murdoch was in Europe that summer and Mr Cameron was travelling to Europe.'' (It really couldn't get any less specific, could it? Dear Mr Murdoch. This summer I plan to be on Earth. Would you care to meet me, given that we are both on Earth?)

What did they talk about? She can't really remember. ''I was witness to one [conversation] between them. It was about Europe. Because we were in Europe.'' She remembers the month that The Sun decided to withdraw its support for the Labour Party - June 2009. She agrees that Mr Cameron was told of this on September 9, 2009.

And yet, pressed on why The Sun announced its change of heart directly after Gordon Brown's speech at the Labour conference in October 2009, she delves into her tumbleweed memory to produce this: ''For all we know, they could have come up with a fantastic policy for Sun readers.'' I wonder what line Mr Brown would have had to take to undo a done deal that had been in place since June? It would have had to be something large and unexpected - a paedophile's head on a stick for every Sun reader?
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  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I like this one: ""Our readers call us when they're lost and need directions," she boasts."

    Sounds about right when you factor in the mentality of a NoW reader.


  2. Yeah, kinda cute.

    'They trust us SO much they call to ask for recommendations when their dealer goes off the grid.'

    Begrudging admiration for her chutzpah.