June 21, 2012

Oh Gina, Gina, Gina

Clive Palmer must be a happy man.  Even Julie Gillard and the ever-ignorable Wayne Swan might come to appreciate billionaires.

There's no one like Gina Rinehart to divert attention.  A most excellent decoy for her fellow self-righteous billionaires. An even more excellent decoy for the disdain, disgust and loathing nowadays usually reserved in large dollops for our federal politicians.  Gina's an all 'round rabbit's foot for powerful personages in need of a lucky charm.

Gen-Y's believe democrocy isn't much chop (good thing we don't need them to die for a cause), but it's a relief to see and hear that complacent Australians are inclined to ark up like a bunch of harpies when the fifth estate appears to be about to crumble, with no chance of resurrection.  Well, some Aussies, not all, by any stretch.  Gen'Y's seem inclined to shrug and assert that we must all move with the times.  No fucking idea what they're losing, no fucking idea about democracy.

It's not the paywalls, not even the job losses.  Not the loss of one of only two quality broadsheet papers left in the country - it'll morph into a nice little tabliod.  No, it's Gina.  Gina, who has no idea how to win hearts or minds.  Gina, who will abandon and publickly blackmail her own children and threaten her grandchildren. (Cancelling their kidnapping insurance, and telling the world?  Nice one.) 

Who would have thought that one of our most private, and paradoxically, viciously litigious billionaires would become the epicentre of a spontaneous urge to protect democracy, free speech, independent reporting, journalistic ethics, not to mention protecting our politicians, unworthy though they may be?  Well, life is full of wild and whacky turns.  Gina Rinehart is one of them.

Maybe she's only buying her own newspapers so as to keep her many court cases secret.  Sure, that could be it.

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  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    None of that.

    GGG simply wants a constant supply of newspaper to wrap her fish and chips up in, oh and bashed up savs and potatoe trollops as well.

    That obvious.


  2. She eats a lot of fish and chips, I suspect, so yes, she would need a lot of newspapers.

    No doubt the hired help needs a good whack over the head once in a while, too, quite apart from trollops.