June 16, 2012

Greens and governments can't pick winners

 Governments, via policies, funding schemes, and entrusting public servants to administer such, have an extraordinary long history of being incapable of picking winners.  This is why innovation and commercialization of worthy ideas is best left to pure research (public or privately funded) and to private sector investment and development.

Doesn't stop them though.  They plough on, our pollies, especially those of a greener shade, insisting they can pick future technologies, insisting they - and no one else - have the scientific, technical and economic knowledge to make a call on what should and should not be developed to benefit society.
But the Greens say carbon capture and storage does not deserve funding because it does not work. They say renewable energy has ''won the race''.
Which is bunkum. 

Carbon storage is a ludicrous idea (think of the permafrost:  all over red rover if those carbons escape!).  More important is the disingenuous assertion that "renewable energy has "won the race".  Good fucking grief.  If winning the race means limping along, supplying a couple of per cent of total power needs, being expensive, unreliable, wasteful of resources, and not at all energy dense, therefore incapable of replacing the energy dense sources that humans quite sensibly have become accustomed to exploiting, then sure, we could claim renewables are a dead set winner.  But only if you want to be totally stupid about the whole thing. Being stupid is a badge of honor for many Greens.  They also get to tell our current federal government what to do.  Pity that. 

Climate Strategy up in Smoke

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