June 1, 2012

Duck Friday


  1. Duck Friday in the local Lalor Stockade Park - someone had let their pet duck out to graze; when I walked by it was standing about preening itself and waggling it's little white tail.

    Here's a speech by a Chaucerian duck:

    `Wel bourded!' quod the doke, `by my hat!
    That men shulde alwey loven, causeles,
    Who can a reson finde or wit in that?
    Daunceth he mury that is mirtheles?
    Who shulde recche of that is reccheles?
    Ye, quek!' yit quod the doke, ful wel and faire,
    `There been mo sterres, god wot, than a paire!'

    Happy Duck Friday!

    1. Must be one well trained Lalor duck.

      You didn't feel inclined to a bit of duck-napping?

      And I now understand why I don't often chat to ducks: they're smarter an more articulate than me.

  2. LOL, Tim.

    Looks like the missus is doing a bit of gardening whilst he sits on his lazy arse. ;)

    1. Thought you might have seen Gillard (getting on with the job), while Abbott sits around waiting for the job to be handed to him (following a deliriously easy blood bath), Kath. :-)

    2. Ha ha ha ha!. That too, Caz.

      Hmmmm. Come to think of it. That's nothing to laugh about.. Pass the tissue box. :(

    3. I'm beginning to look forward to the Abbott era, Kath.

      Yes, THAT'S how bad things are; I can't wait for the current pain to end!