June 12, 2012

Dingo guilty

The dingo did it.

Only took 32 years for the correct verdict.

Justice delayed ...

Dingo to blame for Azaria's death


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Yeh, but what was the dingo's name, D.O.B. etc. How can an unidentified dingo be accused of such an heinous crime when there were no witnesses to same.

    Fuck, everyone knows who did it anyway...

    It was a goanna, its name was Bullmore (a funny name for a goanna - probably Tasmanian) and it was born December 17, 1937.

    Bloody dingo - bullmore indeed!


    1. So the goanna did it but the dingo buried the clothing?!

  2. You know they ethnically cleansed the entire Uluru area of dingoes in the wake of the Azaria incident? They did such a thorough job they even took out a couple of spoodles who were just visiting.

    On Fraser Island it is now a crime to feed a dingo. One dingo eats one kid and the entire population has to starve.

    I guess you would call that collective punishment.

    1. Better that all dingos fend for themselves than to eat babies.

      (Come on, how dumb do people have to be to hand feed dingos and not believe it will lead to the odd problem?

      Like the tourist operator who recently fed marshmallows - yes, marshmallows - to a croc to entertain the guests. Croc bit his hand off. He was later fined for feeding the beast. Good thing too.)