June 30, 2012

Breaking news on this day


Behaving like an especially petulant toddler, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange continues to camp in the Embassy of Ecuador,  refusing to comply with a police request to surrender himself to officers

Assange would be better served by ending this silliness, facing up to the accusations against him - he's not even charged with anything; the Swedish police merely want to question him.  Worst case, he would be charged, go through a trial ... and, possibly, be found innocent.  That, surely, is preferably to making himself the centre of attention over his grubby sexual etiquette.   Difficult to believe that this prolonged nonsense is how Assange wishes to be known and remembered.


Gina Rinehart has declared "war" on Fairfax, of which she is the largest (in all regards) shareholder. 

Given that Gina is at war with all humans, animals and vegitation, I'm guessing the folk on the Fairfax board will need to take a number.


Katie Holmes is finally free.  After a handful of years inexplicably married to Tom Cruise, Holmes has filed for divorce and has applied for sole custody of the unspeakably indulged child of the marriage, Suri.

Cruise has managed to be divorced from three women, all such women being the magic age of 33 when the big moment arrives.  What's with that, hey?


Potential refugee applicants, intending to travel by sea to our big island, are allegedly paying a new premium to get here in droves, extra fast, while the "good" Gillard Government is still looking after the joint. 


Not breaking on this day, but breaking out everyday:  some funny experts recently claimed that the obese pose a threat to food security, which is ludicrous. 

It's the same illogical argument of long ago times when children were exhorted to eat all food put in front of them, because there were starving children in Africa.  The eating didn't fatten up anyone in Africa, and the not eating didn't result in left over brussel sprouts being diverted from the rubbish bin to hungry kiddies in far off lands. 

I don't believe the KFC consumption of overweight people affects anyone else's waistline or access to nourishment.

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