May 26, 2012

Corby vs Terrorism

I never believed the wild and whacky boogy board stories, so I've no great sympathy for Schapelle Corby, nor her rabidly bogan relatives, beyond the sympathy that one has for someone punished in a barbaric manner, for an extreme length of time, over a matter that should likely be decriminalized globally.  In other words, I have some sympathy, but I was over the whole Corby histrionics about 20 minutes after the story hit the headlines eight years ago.

Odd then, to find myself with a urge to go and haul Corby out of jail with my own two hands.

A dreadfully important judge in Indonesia offered, upon hearing of Corby's clemency success, that drug crimes are worse than terrorism. 

Sure buddy.  Sure.

Top judge hits out at Schapelle Corby's clemency 


  1. Well Caz, I suggest you check out the new doco at about the horrific insider corruption at Australian airports that jailed an innocent woman. Further, recently leaked minutes of a 17 October 2005 NSW Crime Commission Meeting also prove (beyond a shred of doubt), she's innocent. Here's a short clip about that development: with a poster about it here: and the full report is here: Also (and I can provide all the links re these statement of facts, if anyone wants more detailed background & proof), there is NO flow of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali, and there never has been. United Nations data (their 2007 World Drug Report), clearly states at the time Schapelle flew, the drug sold on the streets of Indonesia for around US30 cents a gram, while it went for a whopping $US31 a gram in Australia. Australian Customs has also confirmed (in a 2011 letter, in response to a FOI request), a flow of marijuana FROM Australia TO Bali does not exist (and never has), which is further backed up by more detailed reports from the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (2006), and the Australian Crime Commission. Lastly, the highest sentence ever imposed on an Indonesian for a similar amount of marijuana is just 5 years, and one Indonesian found with 161 kilos of the drug (40 times more than the amount found in Schapelle's bag), got just 10 years. And let's not forget most of the Bali bombers are already free, plus a drug-dealing Bali jail boss got just 4 years, and the Indonesian men who hacked the heads off of three children on their way to school got just 14 years.

  2. Wow, so the Bali nine were not smuggling drugs into Bali?

    The middle aged British mother and a few others, arrested only last week, were not smuggling drugs into Bali?

    Indeed, the hundreds of foreigners in Indonesian jails - most for attempting to import illicit drugs - are all innocent.

    No drugs are ever bought into Bali?

    No drugs are available in Bali?


    You might want to do some research on how many foreigners have been arrested for just this crime in the last month. Or any other month.