April 4, 2012

Our intelligence agencies

ASIO Headquarters - Canberra
The release of a white paper about Australia's intelligence agencies, in January this year, must have been done in a whisper.  I have no memory of it.  However, no mind - no concerns or criticisms were raised.  Our intelligence agencies are hunky-dory:  nothing to see, move along. 
Black and Cornall justify this vastly increased spending on intelligence agencies by listing what they call ''many notable outcomes'', including a couple of convictions a year against ''terrorist'' plotters, support for military operations, disrupting people-smuggling, countering cyberthreats and the like. However, as the supremely wise Frenchman Michel de Montaigne cautioned in the 16th century, ''plans must not be judged by results'' and ''outcomes provide meagre testimony of our worth and ability''.
I spy another intelligence whitewash 

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