April 21, 2012

Oh oh - here we go

So, Joe Hockey gave the federal Labor Party their first ever free kick, only a few days ago.  Hope Gillard enjoyed her moment, because it is, surely downhill at speed from here.

Craig Thompson received a secret $160K payout from the union three years after he'd left, "compensation", or a bonus, so that he could still afford to visit brothels, I suppose.  The details are murky.  How much shit can possibly hit the fan and be flung all over the place before the ALP have to cut this cock of a man free?

Now they have two cocks to keep them awake at night (although not Julia, because nothing is so bothersome that she loses sleep, she says).  Appointing Slipper to look after the House was a sleazy move, albeit, clever and understandable.  Not risk free though, and the risks have just arrived. 

On top of his extravagant use of his government benefits, Peter Slipper has been accused of sexually harassing one of his staff, and the evidence would seem to be quite solid, based on the reports.

How long can Gillard hold the charade together?  She's supposed to hold on until at least September next year, which is looking like an awful long way off.   It's going to be an ugly, ugly, and politically useless, 17 or 18 months. 

Pass the large bucket of popcorn.

Slipper denies sexual misconduct claim 


  1. Pass the BARF bag to me, thanks!
    Truly astonishing stuff.

    The integrity of the shambolic Gillard Government that is held together by a thread, is truly mind blogging. How much lower can they go?..

    I feel like chanting,

    "'Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!"

    Such is my despair and frustration..

    HA HA HA... Just realized I slipped up and typed mind blogging instead of mind boggling. O_o

  2. Mind blogging?

    I think you were correct the first time, Kath!

    The whole thing has gone beyond farce, or disgraceful, or laughable. We need a whole new language for this sorry bunch, for all parties.

  3. Anonymous5:37 PM

    "We need a whole new language for this sorry bunch..."

    We already have that language: bad language.

    I use it all the time to describe politicians, I think we all do.


  4. It's not enough any more, Justin.

    No, no, not NEARLY enough!

    Bunch of CUNTS!

    See, barely hints at how awful they are, the destruction they have, and continue, to cause.

  5. Ooh Caz..

    Coming across as a bit of an eager Beaver, here. :D

  6. Anonymous8:50 AM

    But CUNTS aren't destructive. They don't kill, say bad things about you, or vote. Usually they make stupid pricks feel good about themselves. In fact I don't think I've ever meet a cunt I didn't like, some I've worshiped (for good reason).

    Personally I think we have two far better words to describe politicians and they are uniquely Australian:



    And now we have the Gadger?

    That would be an ignorant parasite from the left side of politics.

    or the Bludoot: a parasitic fool from the right side of politics.

    Cunts good - gadgers & bludoots bad.


  7. Galoots? Yes, that's an excellent word, not trotted out nearly often enough.

    Being literal, as you've decided to be, Justin, would rule out the application of most profanities to describe our pollies. By implication, your argument follows that they're also NOT fuckwits, bastards, retarded, motherfuckers, arseholes, dicks, cocks, and so on and so forth. I have to disagree.

  8. Anonymous10:31 PM

    %^$#@& &*^%$ )*&G Y^%#$ &*(%$!@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    &^%$#$%^@@#(*#$&^**!!!!!!!!!!! !


    Therefore: +$? - ($?) = $(?+?)


    Feeling much better now, that should do it...

    ...for today.


  9. Yes, that's pretty much the sum of it, Justin.

    I think you've especially captured the Slipper matter quite well.