April 16, 2012

Just keep telling yourself that ...

You think our politicians are the most deluded bunch to have ever sat in a parliament?

Not so

North Korea can't successfully launch a fire cracker, but their leadership sure as shit wins first prize for delusions of grandeur.
"Yesterday, we were a weak and small country trampled upon by big powers. Today, our geopolitical location remains the same, but we are transformed into a proud political and military power and an independent people that no one can dare provoke."
Kim Jung-Un, in his first public speech since assuming the leadership of North Korea.

North Korean leader stresses need for strong military ... yeah, 'cause they're a sitting duck and everyone is out to get them; not paranoid, much.  As for not daring to provoke: alas, the moral will of the West is highly selective.  North Korean citizens deserve to be liberated, and given a good feed.  It wouldn't take much - throw a few hand grenades, a handwritten note sacking the government, and a send in half a dozen paper planes. 


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Kim Jung-Un, he fat; everybody else skinny.


    1. Ooh, you are in SO much trouble, Justin.

      Straight onto Jung-Un's enemy list!

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Nah, the fat boy and iJustin are mates. I've just stolen the latest US technology in rocket technology and gave it to Fats (that's what I call him - I told him it means God in English).

    And this technology actually works:

    A really big bottle of pepsi and a carton of mentos. It works, it's cheap, and the exhaust is edible, but will rot your guts (something I forgot to tell Fats).


  3. Now if you can also supply him with Viagra, Fats will be able to keep his explosion of pepsi and mentos up.