April 25, 2012

Gillard on Slipper

Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has a unique take on Peter Slipper's contribution during his brief time as Speaker of the House:
''Having Mr Slipper be Speaker has enabled the government to do some important things on behalf of Australian families,'' she declared.
Of course he has.

Evidently, next year's federal election campaign will again see the ALP running with a vacuous f-word.  Last time we had the clanging emptiness of moving FORWARD.  I predict next time we're going to hear an awful, awful, awful lot about Australian FAMILIES.  But damned if I can think of anything that Gillard or Swan or Rudd have done for "families" during the last four years.

It's like Julia's other mantras:  "I'm getting on with the job"; "trust me" ... if she says them often enough, she  believes we will all believe.  And so it shall be,  Julia will click the heals of her red shoes together:  "we're fucking things up doing important things for Australian families".

Meanwhile, The Archbishop of the Anglican Communion, John Hepworth, has defended Slipper, describing him as a bit of a larrikin.  Indeed.

Shades of Whitlam era in all this babble


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

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    1. Yes, succinct and deadly, as always, Justin!