April 26, 2012

Dead set

With everyone else pulling out, Republicans are reluctantly getting behind Mitt Romney for their next presidential nominee. 

The GOP suddenly have the option of Mittens or Mittens, so, arh, they have no fooking choice but to claim they support him.

How will this year's American election pan out?  Perhaps not how you might think:  if an election was held today (or tomorrow in their time), Obama and Romney would each get 46 per cent of the vote.



Meanwhile, the hideous Kardashians have just signed up for another three seasons of their un-reality show/s, for which they will bank $40 million-plus. 



When is Armageddon getting here?


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    the hideous Kardashians

    Hehe, this fuck wit thought The Kardashians was a country Borat had visited just south of Armageddon, it was only last week I discovered The Kardashians was a pretty awful freak show.

    BTW what do they actually do?

    US Presidential Election Winner Betting Odds

    The money still favours Obama. Not that it will make any difference.


  2. what do they actually do?

    Mostly they do basket ball players, sometimes they do people who are famous for doing something (singers or actors, for example), sometimes they do other celebutards.

  3. Caz
    But other than that they don't do much.

    1. I beg to disagree, Kae.

      They do their hair, they do their nails, they do red carpets (carpets of any colour, in fact), they do dinner, they do cocktails, they do home sex tapes.

  4. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Here's a cute video re debt, 3 minutes:

    The National Debt Explained in a Road Trip


  5. Definitely cute, Justin, and very slick.

    Also very misleading, in the same way that anyone claiming interest rates now are less than half what they were when Keating was in office, and presenting the data as being a meaningful and obvious statement of how BAD the economy was back then. It's not even close to being true.

    The American economy is fucked, and the GOP continue to make it worse - imagine what they'll do if they not only dominate the house, but win the presidency?

    Other economies are also utterly fucked, for differing reasons.

    In Greece, those in arduous occupations get to retire on a full pension at age 50 - "arduous" includes hairdressers. Lawyers can only practice within a defined and small geographic area. Many, many professions are equally hamstrung - it ain't no capitalist economy, that's for sure. Just two tiny examples of how the Greek economy has been operating in some long gone era. How can anyone marvel that time eventually caught up with them? Not even a little bit like America, but just as economically fucked as the US.

  6. Anonymous11:35 PM

    You know where all the money in Greece went?




  7. Bunch of big dicks ruined the country?

    Same all over the world, Justin. :-D