December 4, 2011

Revisiting Turnbull's limitations

Malcolm Turnbull isn't nearly as bright in politics as he was in the private sector.  It's not, as Sheridan argues, that he seems incapable of taking the longer view, it's that he clearly has no friggin' idea what he's talking about - yet persists anyway:  good for him!  At least he can do no harm, and never will - unlike Abbott and Gillard.

It's irrelevant that these observations are made in relation to China (the current PM is useless in international matters, ditto Abbott); no, it's not foreign affairs that matter here, it's the halo of gullibility and superficial knowledge that bothers.  If Turnbull can be this dumb about China, and the Asia Pacific and America and Australia, it's only dumb luck that he hasn't appeared to be this stupid about everything else (although he's a fan of Tim Flannery & co ... that should have been the canary gasping, but we didn't notice).
Malcolm Turnbull has delivered two important speeches on China that help explain why he was such a disastrous Liberal leader and why he should never be considered for the leadership again.
 Turnbull is overestimated intellectually - all at sea on चाइना

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