October 12, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

Common looking people are the best in the world: that is the reason the
Lord makes so many of them.  

Albert Einstein.


  1. geoffff11:09 AM

    This business with Andrew Bolt will keep on playing and playing until there is a successful appeal. Yet appealing it may be more damaging and idiotic than leaving the decision stand.

    It is disappointing but I can't recall reading a single considered and detailed rebuttal of Bolt's claims about white aborigines and identity, such as they were. Not then. Not now. That would have been better approach than a court action.

    Of all the leftist fringe cults, the most resilient and bizarre would have to be the Trots. I wonder what would have become of them had their martyred messiah not been crucified with an ice pick just before the real action started?

    The parallels between Jesus Christ and Leon Trotsky for their followers are startling. I'm sure I'm not the first to point this out. Frank Hardy admitted as much for the mainstream communists in one of his novels which touched on why so many party members were lapsed Catholics ( and he could have added lapsed Jews).

    I was interested to see one of the more prominent cult members is a former very senior Canberra based ATO official and has a blog with a better than average name. Judging by his age likely we are former colleagues (briefly).


    Normally I wouldn't give these guys oxygen but this one does allow freedom of speech and therefore I thought might not have been beyond any chance of redemption. I was wrong. The cult has had this bloke since he was a boy and he will die in its sweet embrace.

    It amuses me these guys think of themselves as atheists. This is a pity really. If they admitted to themselves what they are about and cleaned up their act a little I reckon I could get a pretty good case together to submit to the ATO asking for an income tax exemption.

  2. geoffff12:31 PM

    Arie, I nearly wasn't going to respond to your posts because I think we have already said at each other everything that could possibly be said years ago. The Webdiary archives can be fasinating for someone with an hour to spare. Maybe you should encourage a student to do a thesis on it.

    I'm not angry. Just sad is all. I do however admit to ignorance. I didn't know until a few weeks ago that the Big Bang wasn't the start of the universe afterall and that really it was just a Big Bounce. I didn't know either that there were particles that moved at faster than the speed of light.


    I find it interesting but not in the slightest bit surprising that perhaps the clearest voice I have heard in a long time on why what you write on this subject is complete tosh happens to be a militant atheist (and former Catholic).


    There is nothing you have written or quoted that I haven't seen before and I even looked at your maps. It is disgusting that this sort of thing is encouraged without any attempt at balance in our universities.

    There are many experts on the "deals" offered by the Israelis. It is an industry. There's plenty of information too for those who want to scour for what they can to discredit the Israelis. This is because Israel is a free, democratic and liberal society which encourages incisive criticism as the only means to progress the human condition. . But there is scant information on the counter offer though.

    That's kind of the whole point isn't it?

    It is noteworthy that one can look through all the words you write for just one and it will be in vain. Iran.

    This is the country that just got caught redhanded in a dirty plot to murder Saudi Arabian, Israeli (and who knows who else) diplomats in the US and elsewhere by using Mexican drug mafia hitmen.

    This is the country that now has Gaza as a military colony, in some kind of a bizarre deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, in exactly the same way as it also has Lebanon in a truly evil deal with their fellow monsters in Damascus. Anybody who uses the military against their own citzens must be OK as far as those nasty lunatics in Tehran are concerned. They do it themselves at the hint of a protest.

    This is the country that will soon have nuclear weapons.

    I have said it before and it needs to be said again because nothing has changed. The political climate iin Tehran is identical to that in the Third Reich. The evidence is overwhelming. There is nothing alarmist about pointing this out.

    I am ignorant Arie, like we all are. But ignorance is a relative condition . I'm not nearly as ignorant as those superstitious nasties who have the Iranian people at their mercy.

  3. geoffff12:34 PM

    Coming soon (hopefully) to a place near you.


  4. geoffff12:57 PM

    What they teach their kids.


  5. geoffff1:15 PM

    My first brush with Trotskyists (as they insisted on being called because "Trotskyite" is derogatory) was at a meeting one night of the Brisbane city branch of Young Labor in 1972. Peter Beattie was there. So was a future Queensland AG. The guest speaker was the local federal member.

    First item on the agenda was a vote to turf out a member who turned out to be a not very undercover member of the local Trotskyite cult. The boy was allowed to have his say and then they turfed him out with a solid majority vote. Fair dinkum, that kid wept like a little girl. It was one of the most pathetic things I'd ever seen. I almost cried myself.

    Down the back there were about a dozen of his supporters. Not members but calling out interjections for what they were worth just the same. They were all young. One of them was nursing a baby. She didn't look old enough to be out of school.

    I asked one if she was a student and she was offended. No way. We are workers. It was her who put me right on the "Trotskyite" thing.

  6. Soooo, Arie will know to look under this thread Geoffff?

  7. Even under the greenie-socialist Canberra gov't,I don't think the "human rights" of Canberrans extends to freedom of speech or assembly.

    Logically it wouldn't even make sense.

    How is it that Australians continue to, or insist upon, misunderstanding and misinterpreting "human rights"?

  8. I've seen nothing to suggest that the Herald Sun will appeal. No handing down of a suitable punishment yet, either.

    There will be no money involved, nor potential jail time, one or both of which might have compelled News to defend their guy in a higher court. With nothing to save, and no legal gain - in principle - I'd be surprised if they bothered. It's so lame it's not worth their while, is my thought. There's no higher ground to be taken, at least not given the nature of the case and the ruling handed down, which amounted to nothing much other than Bolt using vigorous language and being wobbly with facts - which is what he and other journalists are paid to do.

    The post-ruling commentary was pretty much a single chorus of objection to the legislation, and in particular the bit under which Bolt was prosecuted - not a single editorial or opinion piece that defended the law, not even from those who object to Bolt in a dozen different ways.

    I only saw one rebuttal, per se, which, in essence, argued that Bolt's challenging individuals about their racial identification was fundamentally offensive and oppressive because he was laying claim to being the arbiter of what were or weren't acceptable identification choices ... it was the usual white guy deciding who could identify and who couldn't; and who are we - any of us - to demand of other people that their choice (embedded in their personal history) isn't valid, isn't acceptable.

    It's needless to say the argument was presented far more elegantly than my half-arsed attempt, isn't it? (And fast fading memory. I should have posted a link at the time, but actually got a bit bored with the aftermath, because it really was same old same old: everyone in vigorous agreement about the legislation).