September 25, 2011


Yes, you do need ESP to divine the meaning of this newly minted NSP sign in a regional Victorian town.

It has all the quality outcomes of collusion between eight levels of government, a committee of 50 and vetting by three dozen lawyers; however, everyone imaginable is denying knowledge or involvement. 

I demand that they own up, that they be paraded in Spring Street!

Signs of confusion


  1. geoffff10:11 PM

    "Place of last resort" would be a good name for a beachside holiday complex with luxury spa.

  2. NFI!

    Actually 'place of last resort' is very evocative. Methinks they could also have a designated 'Spot of No Hope', 'Street of No Return', and 'Area Beyond Despair'.

  3. Indeed, excellent suggestion Geoffff.

    Although it still smacks a little of "any place but here is going to be soooo much better".

    Tim - Area beyond despair is a tad optimistic?