September 4, 2011

Murdoch press still wave the Gillard flag

The political press have never stopped being enamoured of Julia Gillard, no matter her inability to connect with a perfectly willing public, nor in the face of embarrassing and inexcusable political blunder after blunder.

From the idiotic "the government has lost its way" - the government of which she was at the center, a primary decision-maker; to the feigned reluctance of "in the best interests of the party", when it was not self-evident to anyone but Gillard and a  handful of ALP men; through to the moronic decision to rush into an election instead of fully exploiting the benefits of power with a majority government; and then it got worse, mid-way through that ill-timed election, announcing that the "real Julia" was about to appear, along with a better way of doing politics.   

Gillard demonstrated over and over again her lack of political savvy, her ineptitude, or inability to communicate with the public, and worst of all, her singular lack of comprehensive policy ideas.   She made everything up on the run.  She didn't even pretend to be interested in economics or international politics, both areas usually being prerequisite for anyone aspiring to run a country. 

Amidst all of this, the media still hold a candle for her, including some in the Murdoch team.
Watching Gillard thrash around in the public domain (all the while continuing to work the corridors successfully in Canberra) is sad. She was cajoled into the leadership by a brutal factional revolt before her time. She had no choice. In politics you have to take your chances. Gillard did just that, but it hasn't worked out. Speculation about her future won't go away without a turnaround in the polls, which is looking less likely by the day. It's become a death roll.
Go back, reread that.

"All the while continuing to work the corridors successfully in Canberra". Oh yes, Julia is a star politician.  In corridors.  Where it doesn't matter a damn. 

A star politician performs in public and in parliament, and in their ability to present effective policies, not behind closed doors, not in some secret cosy club comprised of their own and a bunch of sycophantic journalists.  

Note the "cajoled".  Oh yes, poor Julia. 

Note too that the "brutal factional revolt" is presented neutrally, as if entirely outside Gillards acquaintances, outside her knowledge or influence.

And the money shot:  "she had no choice". 

The meme that Gillard, the ALP and far too many in the media recite over and over, in the hopes of making it true and making the public believe it.

I'm over the "poor Julia" chant. 

Poor us. 

We're the unhappy and damaged recipients of this nonsense.  Gillard and the ALP have failed us all.  What comes next - likely an Abbott lead government - will be the fault of Julia and the inadequate men of the Labor party - the whole bunch of them.

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