September 15, 2011

Lush: tender and juicy, luxuriant vegetation; from old French lasche loose, slack

Bang goes the Lush gift baskets ... and they smell so purdy! 

In truth, over-priced goop, but fun, and yes, very girly.  It's a seriously first world problem deciding how long one should boycott their dumb arses. 

Guest post from Geoffff (fast becoming our 'protest guy on the spot'):

Lush is one of those smug supercilious private British companies that love to bathe in a self righteous glow about "Green" issues but they crossed the human rights line in the UK with this nasty pro-BDS song. 

Lush makes huge profits out of selling up market hand made cosmetics and soaps. No doubt some of the customers are men buying products for wives and girlfriends, most likely under direct orders, but the market unmistakably is female.  

Here are the ghastly lyrics of that song they are pushing (1% of Lush's revenue goes to this wing of the BDS campaign):

So many years of catastrophe, more than six million refugees,
it could be you and your family,
Forced from your home and your history.

We are the people, and this is our time,
Stand up, sing out, for Palestine
No matter your faith or community, this is a crime against humanity,
Gaza turned into a prison camp, apartheid wall divides the West Bank.

We’ll break down the wall, Freedom for Palestine
Demand Justice for all, Freedom For Palestine
Enough illegal occupation, violence and racial segregation, all religious communities unite.

Freedom is a human right,
We are the people, and this is our time,
Stand up, sing out, for Palestine,
We’ll break down the wall, Freedom for Palestine
Demand Justice for all, Freedom For Palestine.

(Some incoherent rapping)
We are the people, and this is our time,
Stand up, sing out, for Palestine,
We’ll break down the wall, Freedom for Palestine
Demand Justice for all, Freedom For Palestine(repeat X5)
We are the people, this is our time, unite together, for justice in Palestine.

Freedom for Palestine indeed.

The Israelis are to be enslaved forever for the crime against humanity of not all being Muslims in their own homeland. The Palestinians are to be left in the grip of a regime that has thrown political opponents from their office windows and murdered their children in their schools as political tactics.

They call this a human rights campaign.

BDS is an antisemitic campaign pure and simple and it should shame everyone who has anything to do with it.

It has however focused attention on an important point.

The solution to the Arab/Israel "dispute" is two states. An Arab state and a Jewish state. Simple. Problem solved.This has been obvious since 1917. There has been a Jewish state for over sixty years and it is one of the most successful nations on the planet.

Why do they not accept it? Why do the "friends" of Palestine refuse to ask their "friends" why they will not accept the Jewish state in return for their own state? Instead they march in an openly antisemitic campaign to tear down Israel and the Jews.

It's a fair question to ask the BDS campaigners. Why not accept the Jewish state? Of all the states in the world why is Israel to be torn down and all its citizens disenfranchised?

Those looking for moral certainties in this old and ugly game will find them in the answer to that question.

Recently Lush got it's smug fingers burnt in Canada where it was pointed that the greenwashing multinational corporation does substantial business in Saudi Arabia.

Lush Australia has sought to distance itself from the BDS campaign but it is a private company, so when they boast back home about funding antisemitic propaganda with a 1% levy, consumers everywhere should know this.

These businesses operate through networks of private franchises, licensees and suppliers and the Name is everything.  These are products directed at young women. But do feminists and "human rights" activists care about rights for women outside their own environments let alone outside the West?

Maybe the smug preachy people behind this company need a lesson in modern business. Same with BDS. BDS is a global campaign of course but it is just as easy to respond globally.

The next time the BDS thugs are trying to bully people in the streets around Max Brenner maybe someone should quietly be asking an obvious question outside Lush.

Women handing out information leaflets outside Lush while wearing burqas.  

Sheer genius.

(Their point was well made, with women leaving the store being responsive - and surprised over with whom Lush chooses to do business, as opposed to whom they protest against.   Clearly not a lot of thinking going on either side of the mushy hemisphere in the decision-making realms at the top of Lush. 

The Lush defense for doing business in Saudi Arabia:  they don't have free speech in that part of the world ... or something along those lines. 

 Err ... so it doesn't matter, apparently, and neither do women in those misogynist countries.  Editor)


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Some people are just plain rude, this is a far more polite and less intrusive way of making a point.

    Billboard War


  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Ooops wrong link, here is the correct one:

    BTW, the wrong link is also worth a read.

  3. geoffff8:10 PM

    Justin, one of the funniest scenes in a very funny movie, Life of Brian, is towards the end with the elderly Jewish lady, dripping with pearls, waiting in line to be crucified, and insisting she be crucified in the "the Jewish section".

  4. geoffff8:11 PM

    Is that antisemitic?

    I dunno.

    But it sure is funny.

  5. Not encouraging to see that 29% disagree that the posters are inappropriate.

    It's "dialogue".

    Yep. Sure it is.

  6. Stereotypical Jewish mother, squawking and demanding, and laden with jewels?

    Sure it's antisemitic, but every stereotype with a few pin pricks of accuracy are damned funny, and the world would be a poorer place without them. The world would also be confused, since the human mind insists on categorising, all the better to recognise patterns and to learn.

    Sad thing about Life: it would never be made now. Thank god it was made then.

  7. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Agree totally Caz, the platonic categorisation of ideas and things in general are a mental convenience, and also the basis of humour, in the comparative sense.

    I love (clever) racist humour, it's fun and does have an affectionate place amongst (true) friends - it's your enemies who tend to take such the wrong way - but those pricks always do.


  8. Hollywood and American television would be unrecognizable to us if not for the richness of Jewish humour!

    Nowadays, there are times when it seems we're not permitted to poke fun at anyone, nor laugh at anything.

    Humorless; like the state of Australian politics, and look where that's gotten us.