September 27, 2011

Hate media points finger at the love media

When will Bob Brown and the Federal ALP initiate an inquiry into the love media?

All those journalists (and there are plenty of them) pounding away, day after day, contentiously talking up the greatness of Gillard, her cabinet, her government - shouldn't they be investigated, or at least offered appropriate care? 

They're  out there, and their objective is to make themselves, and us, believe that Joolya has been given a rough trot, that she's underrated as a PM, that she's actually, you know, pretty damned special when it comes to the whole running-a-country stuff; even if she's not great when it comes to wearing a frock or other warm, fuzzy, girly uterus-related stuff.

Oh, and she's only failing to engender shopping-mall-wide respect because she's a woman.  Not that being a woman stopped her from becoming Prime Minister, but now that she is, her ability to push voting intentions into the ninth level of hell for her comrades is widely regarded as a feminist issue (just like fat, only low carb).

The love media are a desperate lot, we could start calling them the reality deniers.

Notice the unquestioned use of loaded descriptions:   progressive media ... as opposed to the hate media.

The thin skinned and politically vacuous Bob Brown truly did not deserve his weaselly win; the ALP should be ashamed of having supported his temper tantrum demand for a Murdoch media inquiry.

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