September 1, 2011

Cost of labor not included

Currency - by Denis Beaubois
This is art.  Funded by us.  $20,000 worth of new $100 notes.

The neat pile is accompanied by a typed list of the serial numbers on the notes.

Last night, in Melbourne, the artwork was sold for $17,500, excluding commissions, GST and whatnot.

Pop art fails dollar parity


  1. I'm loving this comment from under the article...

    "Well, technically the artist didn't lose anything, seeings he produced the 'art piece' with government funds - so in the end it was the taxpayer who took the loss.

    I'm thinking of applying for a grant myself - my piece will be a 10 minute video of me losing $20,000 on poker machines. It will explore the subject matter of the tension between the economic value of a night at Crown Casino against the intelligence level of the people gifting government arts grants... And I won't even charge a buyer's fee!
    TaxPayer | Melbourne - September 01, 2011, 7:17AM"


  2. I fear he didn't even type up the serial numbers; I suspect the bank handed him the notes, along with the list.

    I'd be asking for my commission if I was the bank teller.

  3. geoffff7:03 PM

    OK, so let me get this straight.

    Modern art is worth $2500 less than nothing?


    Serious this is important. I have a scheme that we could all retire to Hayman Island and just touch buttons for the rest of our lives.

  4. Sounds strenuous Geoff.

    Do we HAVE to touch buttons (and whose?!).

    (BTW ... I have no object to the additional fs)

  5. Anonymous9:55 PM

    A pile of shit! Pfft!


  6. I'll take that pile of $20K's worth of shit any day Kath!

    Jeez, for that I'd even produce some colourful doodles, or touch buttons for a year.