August 28, 2011


Former Treasury executive and long time John Howard right-hand-man is about to land in the Senate.

While Mad Monk Abbott "welcomed" Arthur Sinodinos's announcement that he would seek preselection for the Senate vacancy created by Helen Coonan, he might not be entirely sincere.

Sinodinos will be like an intellectual cold shower falling on the shrill and irrational Abbott, not to mention all of the boys and girls who fawn over the worst sins of their Liberal leader. 

It's no surprise that Sinodinos has chosen to head to the Senate, where he can be part of the game, but not be required to get his hands grubby.  He no doubt views the chamber as more house of lords than a rugby scrum, but Sinodinos will find that sitting inside parliament is an entirely different game to being a policy wonk or a chief of staff. 

Howard adviser to claim senate seat

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