July 29, 2011


Christine Nixon, ALP luvvie, former Victorian Chief Commissioner of Police, and woman damned by an independent royal commission into the 2009 bush fires -  for having failed abysmally as a leader during the weekend of the fires -  has jumped onto the Murdoch-is-evil bandwagon.

Nixon claims her undoing, during and after the royal commission, was the fault of the Herald Sun.  Not because of her own testimony, not because of the commission's findings about her failure to lead, to turn up - no, none of that stuff, it was the journo's (those on the payroll of Rupert Murdoch) who done it.

They also did her in for being female and fat, so she says.  Hmm.  Wasn't she the CCP for nearly a decade?  Resigned of her own accord, to retire to do good works and write her life story and get her hair done?  Speaking of which, Nixon's book is pending launch by our Labor Prime Minister. So Nixon has a few reasons to jump on this particular bandwagon.  Firstly, she has a book to promote.  Secondly, she has spent two years, becoming ever more shrill, defending her abysmal performance as a leader on the weekend that people in our state burned to death.

Nixon variously had her hair done, met with her ghost writer, had dinner with her husband at a pub, and in between, claims she looked out the window of her (city) office to check for fire smoke.

She has also branded the Bushfire Royal Commission a kangaroo court, as if the entire thing - hundreds of witnesses, thousands of pages of evidence and findings - was all about her, not the people who died, not the property lost, not the causes of the fires.

Nixon failed on the weekend of the fires and ever since has consistently denied any short comings, now she's being plain contemptible. 

Her book will be bought by journalists, but I can't imagine too many other Victorian's wanting to read this rubbish.

Christine attempts to drum up book sales by blaming News Corp for everything

Yes, Christine Nixon has written an entire book in which she attempts to crap all over what was left of her reputation

Yes, most journalists are left wing - even in America 

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