June 13, 2011

Intelligent woman forced to express shame that she doesn't tweet

The first woman editor of The New York Times, Jill Abramson, was subjected to this weird - and entirely serious - exchange upon her recent appointment to the top job:
Abramson is in an awkward place when it comes to all this. She can hardly criticise Keller's take on Twitter, as she hasn't even got a Twitter account to call her own. She rather sheepishly admits that she has just set one up, but when I ask her when she did so she says: "Today, or yesterday."

Isn't it a bit weird, I suggest, that the next editor of America's most important paper, the person vested with the crucial task of steering it through a period of unparalleled digital change, hasn't even yet sent her first tweet?

"It may be weird," she says. "But I haven't felt the need until now. I'm an interior kind of person."
Sheepish, because she doesn't toss-off banal 140 character thoughts?  A skill required, apparently, of top journalists and serious thinkers. 

Fucking spare me!

First woman editor of the New York Times

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