April 2, 2011

Black pots and kettles abound in the land of Labor

''If you've actually connived in the destruction of the parliamentary leader and are a principal cause why 24 or 25 members of Parliament have lost their seats, if those dead men and women are hanging around your neck, and they are, you've lost the vantage of the leadership.
''You lost the point of moral authority.'' 
Nooooo, not what you're thinking!  Keating, the last of our best and brightest ALP leaders (and former Prime Minister), was not talking about Julia Gillard, Wayne Swann and sundry NSW back room boys, he was talking about state polities, of the NSW variety.
Keating then went on to suggest that the wanna-be NSW leader of the ALP would be a heavy burden for PM Gillard, and he talked-up Gillard's determination to run with a carbon tax.  

Let's all just go back and mull over Keatings first quote - slowly.

Keating unloads on NSW Labor

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