February 22, 2011

Urge already taken

This will be a monumental waste of campaign money.  The NSW Libs should save for a rainy day, or for their commonwealth counterparts.
The Opposition Leader, Barry O'Farrell, has urged voters to take ''a once-in-a-generation opportunity'' to change the state government ...
That's great Barry, but really, all you and your team need to do is spell your names correctly for the ballot papers, turn up, smile and wave.  That's it.  You're in. 

Libs launch campaign with pitch to Labor heartland


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I'd vote for two dead rats rather than labor, besides a dead rat smells much better than labor does these days.


  2. Solomon9:42 PM

    He's so boring I can't even remember the reason why I wasn't going to vote for him. I'm tempted to vote for KK for the same reason I usually vote Democrats. Someone has to.

    Oh, except I've been removed from the electoral roll, so perhaps I'll be spared from voting at all.

  3. I think you should vote for KK, Sol, because I want someone to, and she's tried so hard and is so pretty, and she has that cute American accent.

    You'll only need to vote for one dead rat at a time Justin.

  4. Solomon11:09 PM

    Those are good enough reasons; I'll need to find someone from an unusually long list of candidates who can sight my passport. It offends me profoundly that if I had a driver's license I could just write down the number but that I have to go through all this rigmarole with my Australian passport. W.T.F.

    But I must confess the accent doesn't do it for me. It warbles between American and Australian so awkwardly it's like someone is tuning a radio in and out. American I'll accept, but just pick one or the other.

  5. I haven't seen enough of KK to notice the warbles, Sol.

    I always notice the ugly channel change when I hear Elle MacPherson, or Kylie and Danni, or Tara Moss (who also that strange deep voice going on, which requires aural / visual adjustment.)

    Passport should be fungible for license; can't believe it isn't. How stupid and inconvenient.

  6. Solomon6:10 PM

    Actually I've managed to find a much briefer and more sensible form to enrol/change my details from the AEC website. It just has a space to write my passport number and that is it.

    The form they gave me tells me I need to get someone to sight my passport but it gives so many varied and questionable people it becomes meaningless. What is the point of including these people:

    -Liquor license holder (??????)
    -Master of a merchant vessel
    -Real estate agent (???????????)
    -Veterinary surgeon

  7. Anonymous7:10 PM



  8. Pleased to hear that Sol, would be miffed if gov't processes prevented you from exercising your civic duties.

    A vet? Really?

    And they trust liquor license holders? Really?

    (Disclaimer: liquor license holders of my acquaintance are all upstanding members of the community, and all are sufficiently literate to sight and confirm the veracity of a passport.)

  9. Solomon9:13 PM

    I'm sure they are but why are they more qualified than any other person (excepting of course the 39 other categories of authorised people)? I can't wrap my mind around it. Someone actually thought this up and put it in a form. I know they have to go through a whole process to get their license but......ack, my brain hurts.

    And yes, I wonder what my vet would say (assuming I had a vet) when I ask him or her to sight my passport. Or my pilot. Where's my fucking pilot when I need him?

  10. Solomon9:25 PM

    Perhaps I should injure an animal somehow just to get a veterinary appointment so that I can vote for Kristina Kenneally.

  11. I love that a public servant somewhere thought that people in everyday life might have a pilot ... handy.

  12. Solomon10:01 PM

    I guess if you're one of those jet-setter types like that guy in that movie I saw in France (you know the one, he played the worst of the batmans) you could just knock on the cockpit door and be like, hey, pilot chick (in my fantasy the pilot is a pilotess) and ask her to sight your passport. I mean I'm sure the plane does most of the work at that stage.