February 7, 2011

Federal ALP still clueless

Much like engaging an expensive consultant to tell you exactly nothing and write a lengthy report explaining the full extent of nothing, the empty options for addressing nothing and recommendations for actions that are never enacted, the Federal ALP has finished reviewing Labor's performance during the election campaign of 2010.  Steve Bracks, Bob Carr and John Faulkner have come up with a little bit of nothing.

There main findings are, apparently, that the PM should not be permitted to choose the cabinet (a practice initiated under Rudd), and that dumping the emissions trading scheme - an economically and ecollogically stupid policy, which has already been a monumental and expensive failure across Europe - was a big mistake. 

That's it guys?


Did we follow the same events during 2010; during the campaign? 

The executive have yet to meet, so no official findings released at this time.  What's the betting that knifing an elected PM and the ineffectual launch of a "real Julia" mid-campaign don't get a mention in the full report?


  1. Solomon7:07 PM


    Go back to being wooden, Jules. You're making me uncomfortable.

  2. Come on Sol, next you'll be telling me you weren't moved when Bob cried.

    (How old would you have been, about 12?)

    I guess you wouldn't remember Fraser tearing up ... when he finally lost the gig.

  3. Solomon8:05 PM

    I was 5 years and 9.2 months at the date of the Tienanmen square massacre. I'd probably cry *now* if Julia granted refugee status to a swathe of asylum seekers, since I have so much more invested in it.

    Why not take all the Sri Lankans? They just had a flood that displaced a million people, killed at least 38, unearthed unexploded ordinance left from the civil war and destroyed large areas already ravaged by civil war and the 2004 Tsunami.

    When Fraser lost office I was in utero.

  4. I imagine you, in utero, doing little happy kicks Sol.

  5. Solomon8:37 PM

    Oh and this From Erica Buettner, my favourite person: "Crying won't get you a dime, but you won't get a dime without crying."