February 27, 2011

The examined AFL

If you follow AFL, this is required reading, if not, skip a beat and ... pop over there ... somewhere ...

So Ricky Nixon lives on while Brendan Fevola's carcass has at last been cut down. The contrasting outcomes delivered to these two prominent figures should not go unexamined.

A footballer has had his elite-level career effectively terminated, without reference to any specific offence, while a player agent has been allowed to keep plying his trade in the face of an allegation of outrageous impropriety.
Tim Lane makes much sense ... Football 'brand' is the big loser over Fev 

Meanwhile, lets not forget that the unseemly saga now embroiling Ricky Nixon is the (seemingly never ending) tale of a seventeen year old girl surrounded by older, and old, guys, all with money, all with power, and yet - YET - the continued implication is that this girl has taken unfair advantage of these powerful men and unfairly exploited social media for her evil ends. 

One young women and lots of wealthy men.  And still, the finger is pointed at the teenager, because she has a clevage and and iPhone. 

Give me a break.  Really.  Join the fucking dots people. 


  1. Yes Caz, but she hasn't got a dick for a brain.. A mitigating factor in Nixon's case. ;)

  2. Solomon7:45 PM

    A different face but the words never change.