December 20, 2010

Wedding at the Lodge

Forget Wills and Kate, Julia and Tim should divert attention from local politics and boat people by:

a)  announcing their engagement

b) issuing regular tweets on wedding preparations

c) holding a lucky dip for members of the public to be groomsmen, bridesmaids and little people looking cute in grown-up clothes

d) selling the telly rights

e) breaking up at least once during the engagement

f) disagreeing on the wedding cake

g) each of them getting a new hairdresser

h) leaking transcripts of the diplomatic discussions on seating arrangements

i) getting married roughly six months out from the next election

j) not inviting Kev or Tony 

k) adopting one or two adorable mocha coloured foreign babies roughly three months out from the next election

l) doing all of the above while not once claiming to be "real".

Bejewelled Julia


  1. Solomon7:41 PM

    The way things are going the only thing that will distract Terra Australis from boat people is nuclear winter.

  2. Come to Melbourne Sol, we're having a test run.

    It's a few days from Xmas and there's snow!

  3. Solomon9:02 PM

    Sounds charming. As to the wedding: spare me, I've enough reason to vomit this year.