December 9, 2010

Washington waiting for Assange … WTF?

One is inclined to assume – and hope – that this is nothing more than scuttle buck; speculative nonsense:

“According to diplomatic sources reported in London, informal talks have already taken place between US and Swedish officials over the possibility that Mr Assange be delivered to American custody.
Senior legal sources in London said the ''big fear [is] that if he is extradited they will send him to America and he will disappear''.
Legal team prepares fresh bail bid

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  1. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 1,334 sites (updated 2010-12-08 22:43 GMT)- thats another 600 sites since yesterday am, the day before there was only 300.

    At this rate there will be 80,530,636,800 Wiki sites in another 29 days. Yep more than 80 trillion mirrors.

    Is that what you call blow back?