December 15, 2010

Small wish for honesty in journalism

Dear Journalists of the Free World 

Until Julian Assange is charged with a crime of any kind, whether in Sweden or any other country, would you all mind reporting truthfully?

Like writing and saying that he is "wanted for questioning in relation to a sexual assault investigation in Sweden", for example. 

As opposed to writing and saying that he is "charged with sexual assault offences, including rape", which is a complete lie.

Julian Assange is in jail, despite not being charged with anything in any country.

The Swedish police would like to question him in relation to an ongoing investigation. 

Since August, Assange made himself available for questioning.  Forty days and forty nights he waited in Sweden.  He waited for the police to ask him questions.  They didn't.  He asked, and they gave him permission, to leave the country.

There is no pending sexual assault trial awaiting Assange in Sweden. 

The police haven't charged him with anything.

So, if ya'all could report accurately, truthfully, that would be fabulous.

Much appreciated
Best wishes and happy holidays


  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    U.S. Tries to Build Case for Conspiracy by WikiLeaks


  2. Kar-fucking-rist.

    This is frightening stuff Justin.

    Truly, I hope all of this is speculation, toying around with possibilities, and that the US gets a grip before it all gets out of hand.

    Doesn't America have enough problems without hunting down, persecuting, and doing goodness knows what to a pasty Aussie?

  3. Jacob1:44 PM

    Press release (excerpt) from the A-G:

    Based on the information available to date, the AFP has not identified any criminal offences where Australia has jurisdiction and as a result have not commenced an investigation.

    “The Government referred the matter to the AFP as it was prudent to examine whether any Australian laws have been broken,” Attorney-General Robert McClelland said.

    “As has previously been stated, given the documents published to date are classified by the United States, the primary jurisdiction for any investigation into the matter remains the United States.”

    “The Government remains extremely concerned about the unauthorised and irresponsible distribution of classified material.”

  4. This was the "investigation" that, according to the A-G, might take up to a year, and could certainly take at least the same amount of time it took to investigate the Grech-business. On that basis, he warned us to be patient.

    These twits are running the country?

    Prudent? Rubbish! A waste of time and money and the outcome - ooh, arrhh, the matter of the stolen material comes under US jurisdiction ... jeeezz.

    Our government spent money to work that out?