November 9, 2010


At a memorial service for Dame Joan Sutherland earlier today, Julia Gillard, PM of Oz, proclaimed the dead opera singer the greatest singer of the 20th century.


I'll have to proclaim myself a philistine. 

I've never been able to listen to her singing for more than 30 seconds or so ... Joan that is, not Julia.  I could listen to Julia sing for minutes.

Dame Joan greatest singer, blah, blah, blah


  1. geoff3:13 PM

    I have found that two or three large measures of cognac, repeated at least once, helps enormously in the appreciation of Dame Joan Sutherland. It works wih most operas too.

  2. Cognac isn't my preferred tipple Geoff, which almost certainly explains my lack of appreciation for opera.

    If I stick a straw into a large bottler of scotch and sip the entire thing over a period of a couple of hours, would that be an equivalent aid?

    I suspect so.

    I no longer like scotch either.

    I may as well try slurping a bottle of cognac through a large straw.