October 29, 2010

Not popular

The NSW ALP is the least popular government - EVER.

(Well, all except that one other time ...)

Latest polling shows a staunch 23% hanging onto the love. 

More data to the pool of evidence that suggests men come over all egalitarian when things are on the skids to hell, and, with no previous history or inclination, decide to give an important job to a women.

Kristina Keneally is smart, savvy, sincere and appears to be an exceptionally nice lady (attractive too, because, hey, that matters so much in politics).  What a fucking despicable waste of a talented woman in politics.  We've seen this too often.  It's becoming a little stale.


  1. Solomon12:42 PM

    The alternative is a man so retarded he linked to under aged gay porn on twitter.

    Oops. My finger slipped.

    Kristina Keneally for Premier.

  2. You're so right. They wheel in the woman when everything's about to go to crap...I call it the Joan Kirner maneuver.

  3. geoff2:56 AM

    In all fairness ladies, she did put up her hand for the job. And from memory, the predecessor, whatsisname, was mightily pissed off at having lost it.

  4. Geoff - yes, that point must be acknowledged.

    They were running out of contenders though, and none of the other men were prepared to accept the poison chalice. In better circumstances, she would not have gotten the numbers, would be my thought, and an enthusiastic list of men would have run against her if she had the gumption to be in the game.

    Sol - I hadn't read about that. (*Rolls eyes*)
    It seems that it literally would matter who, or the caliber, of those on the cross benches, they're going to beat the daylights out of the ALP. It's not undeserved, just a pity that Keneally will be the one burned as leader.

    Meanwhile, in Victoria, the ALP, by any objective measure should lose, convincingly, yet it looks remarkably as if they will get a fourth term, with Brumby likely to be leading us for another four expensive, inept and tedious years.

  5. Solomon3:30 PM

    On second thoughts I once found that I had inadvertently favourited an article by Gretel Killeen, which is a thousand times worse than linking under-aged gay porn.

    I've always thought kristina would win the next election. though we grumble about the NSW government it's difficult to picture the libs in power.

  6. Oooh. How embarrassing.

    Was never a fan of Killeen's. She was a few steps too smarmy for me, along with her overt (yet stupidly lauded by all) condescension of the gullible twits on BB, and, conflated with the two former points, her inappropriate and rude zeal when it came to protecting brand BB. ('No we do not edit the footage. We show you exactly as you were. You were always crying. That's what we showed. We are not liars. We do not fabricate reality. We show only the truth.' Yeah, Big Brother indeed.)

  7. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Personally I hope that NSW votes the libs back in next year.

    For yonks now labor have robbed and cheated us; it's only fair that the libs be given the opportunity to do likewise.

    BTW what's a Gretel Killeen and do I really need to know?


  8. Yes, much the same in Victoria (although things here are not dire, unless you include tens of billions of dollars being wasted): ALP has had a nice long ride of buggering things up, may as well give Ted a shot at it.

    An "historical fourth term" for the ALP would be grossly undeserved.

    A Gretal Killeen is a cross between the first Australian yacht to challenge for the America's Cup in 1962 and an Australian federal Liberal politician, ipso facto, an utterly useless entity, best forgotten.