October 3, 2010


During the last 15 years Telstra has managed to jettison around 60,000 staff - yes, that's about 20,000 ever five years.  If the trend continues, there will be two staff left running the entire company within less than a decade.

This is not a bad thing.

The only shocking fact about this level of sustained job loss is that no one noticed.  The company went on, not as before, but rather better - although the latter has much to do with evolving technology and support than with getting rid of the number of bodies building and supporting the technology.

Big surprise then, with the announcement of another 6000 happy little Telstra employees to be given the boot, to hear whinging and whining from pollies.
Labor Senator Doug Cameron, a former trade union official, is not impressed with the plan.

"I don't think companies, given the state of the economy, should be looking at downsizing or cutting jobs,'' he said.
"There should be reciprocal obligations from companies in this country to try to keep workers in as long as possible.''
Given the state of the economy?  Like, err, the whole booming economy thing?  Hey look at us:  the GFC passed-us-by!!   That parlous economy?

Reciprocity?  Arrhh, that would be because ... ummm?  Did someone bail Telstra out of the quandary of too much surplus cash?  Did I miss that?

Barnaby Joyce jumped into the story, as is his want, concerned the job cuts will come from the bush.

The bush?  Like, err, that would be the thousands of Telstra staff sitting in the bush then?

Doe anyone in this country have a clue?

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