October 7, 2010

Duh Research

In their populate or perish research paper, Australian authors Jessica Brown and Oliver Marc Hartwich demonstrate 35 ways to be irritatingly stupid.

The research, coming from the Centre for Independent Studies, tested 36 scenarios and found that cessation of all migration and a huge drop in births was the only means by which Australia's population would "stabilize" - by which they mean:  stop increasing.

Under all of the other 35 scenarios Australia's population would - wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it ... continue to increase! 


Wish someone would pay me to do this shit.


  1. "Wish someone would pay me to do this shit."

    Nah... You'd be bored shitless, Caz! :D

  2. Solomon7:20 PM

    They missed out an increase in deaths.

  3. Sol - not necessarily. They probably at least had euthanasia tucked into one of their scenarios. I would figure, based on very low demand for euthanasia (statistically, would not up or change the death rate ...) that it might contribute to "stabilizing" health care costs, but not population.

    Of course, I'd be surprised if they included a scenario of "pot-luck death Tuesday", whereby an unfortunate selection of the populace are put down.