October 7, 2010

Average IQ Persistently Average

A survey of 2000 British respondents aged 18 to 25 has found that ten percent of young folk believe that eating meat influences the sex of babies; 12 per cent believe that a Cesarean section is a religious group; and 20% believe both that the umbilical cord is a musical instrument and that a human preganncy lasts for a year.

Free condoms might be a cure.  But just as likely not. 


  1. Beggars belief..Really!

  2. Very uneducated bunch of people surveyed aren't they. I don't think free condoms will help either but more education is a must.

  3. I fear the condoms would be used, and correctly so, by the clever, while being applied with less commitment and consistency by the ignorant, Windsmoke. A foreseeable unintended consequence of good intentions. The path to hell being paved with such.