September 25, 2010

Use by date reached

Perhaps some people will watch, or care, on the off chance of a sewage overflow occurring in real time for the cameras. 

With the Commonwealth Games Village described as "uninhabitable", it's probably the only aspect of the games of interest to anyone other than the athletes who might, or might not, compete at the Commonwealth Games in India. 

It’s all a tad touch and go.

The number of gobsmackingly ridiculous quotes in defense of the preparations is never ending, with one of the best coming from the organizing committee’s secretary general, Lalit Bhanot, who believes sanitary standards are "subjective" and cleanliness issues aren't a "major" concern.

Bhanot, I’d guess, has never used a vacuum or scrubbed a toilet, so can afford to be dismissive about matters of cleanliness.  

Why is anyone surprised by this smelly, grubby little disaster?

India is the country with a higher level of mobile phone ownership than the number of people who have access to a toilet.  

Population: 1.24 billion

Proportion of the world’s population:  17.31%

Number of mobiles:  565 million
Number of people with access to a toilet: 366 million

And no one saw the cleanliness problem coming, right?


  1. Sad, really.

    Sanitary standards subjective? I have heard of Delhi belly, now I know why it happens!

  2. More than sad Kae.

    Up to 3000 kiddies die every day in India, from disease and starvation, while all we hear about is the shiny-shiny-India, speeding ahead with economic development, finally roaring into the 21st century.

    Except that it's not even skin deep.

    The caste system has barely budged, honor killings and aborting of baby girls continue unabated, and two thirds of the population defecating in the street - or anywhere - is "subjectively" so grossly offensive to the modern world, modern sensibilities that it's difficult to fathom that tourists fawn over the sights and sounds and smells of exotic, chaotic India.

    Meanwhile the hubris of the Indian officials and the overly stuffed prided of middle class Indians has been shown for what it is.

    Friggin' sad.

    As for the silliness of the Commonwealth Games: it's time for them to be done in, they have no relevance or place, if ever they did.

  3. geoff1:13 AM

    I dunno. I reckon they should all face up and shut up. What are they? Athletes or sissies? Those facilities are immaculate compared to the boys' and girls' toilet block at the Surfers' Paradise State School anytime circa 50's or 60's. Especially in summer. It helps build up the immune system.

  4. It helps nudge the human genone evolve away from random sequence expressions that may be more susceptible to serious water borne diseases. I know it's sad but we really shouldn't interfere. Afterall isn't that what the Commonwealth Games is all about?

  5. Certainly that was what the Surfers Paradise State School was all about. And a very good job it did too.

  6. Ah Geoff, the voice of reason.

    Yes, of course, natural selection should be left to run its course.

    The mozzies should nuzzle on whom ever they please!

    Now the only important question is: who the hell is going to win the grand final?!!

  7. Breaking news: synchronized rise in effluence and indignation!

  8. Full quote from Lalit Bhanot,commeting on Indians and Westerners having different standards of hygiene:

    “These rooms are clean to both you and us,” Mr. Bhanot told Indian reporters this week. Foreigners “want certain standards in hygiene and cleanliness which may differ from our perception".

    Yep, that perception thing can be a bugger.

    Now, where is it in the Commonwealth Games handbook that the host country is not catering to Western sensibilities?

  9. A bloody disgrace, Caz..

    "As for the silliness of the Commonwealth Games: it's time for them to be done in, they have no relevance or place, if ever they did."

    Agreed.. Total bloody waste of time and money. May as well be flushing the money down the toilet.(provided you can find one in India) Better off donating the money to the countries starving, and for improving satitation to halt the spread of disease.

  10. Solomon5:20 PM

    One anchovy sandwich for Juan Antonio Samaranch.

  11. Yes, anchovies all 'round!

    Might help muffle the stench.

    Kath - just think of the money being spent, partly in real costs, partly in corruption costs, that is needed in India to provide basic life saving support for women and children. It really is quite warped. No one with a social conscious would have ever awarded the games to India.

    Even wealthy countries struggle to find the funding, and are often left in debt, for these absurdly expensive sporting events.