September 13, 2010

He had to remind us ...

Alan Howe, at the Herald Sun, goes a step too far in reminding us of the good old days, when betrayal meant crossing the floor to fuck the minister.

Kernot was a whingeing under-achiever who got into the Democrats and then the Senate, sensationally jumped ship to join the Labor Party, and narrowly scored a Lower House seat, which she promptly lost at the next election.

Later, it turned out that the deceitful senator Gareth Evans had wooed the dippy Democrat to the ALP while exploring the pale acres of Kernot's flesh. [Ed - yeah, go on, rip out your eyeballs, you know you need to.]

Kernot had betrayed the electorate, her party, the Senate - even her husband and family. The untrustworthy Evans was also married with children and admitted he had lied to Parliament, but that was really a lie to the wife he had so shamefully humiliated.

That's betrayal.

Thanks for spelling that out to us Alan, but a little lighter on the visuals (eewwee) next time.

All's fair as Julia wins ...


  1. I have never liked Kernot. Many years ago I was giving evidence to a Senate select committee on which Kernot sat. The rude cow wouldn't shut up. It was obvious she didn't have any remote clue about the subject(taxation reform)but she was real interested in grand standing at my expense.

    Finally I had enough. I told her I was there at the invitation of the committee, I was happy to give time but I would also be perfectly happy to be on the next plane back to Sydney and back to my clients who at least pay even if they don't shut up and listen.

    Snitty bitch didn't like that.

  2. Solomon8:04 PM

    Is it just me or is "opposition communications and broadband spokesman" the stupidest title for a port-folio you've ever heard?

  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Never mind Geoff; as fate had it CK copped it in the end - frequently, by a guy name Gareth, who was once heard to seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Anyway I emailed our state Premier today, just because I haven't given a politician the shits in months.

    I'll only share the conclusion of my email:

    "A fish rots from the head down, it would appear this fish has been dead for yonks."

    What more could one say about NSW Labor.


  4. Geoff - I'm still perplexed over the cover up, and when finally revealed, the angst and debate over the story's "relevance".


    She's a woman, so it was anti-feminist to suggest that she was led to the ALP by her hormones and a dick?

    Freakin' hell!!

    Evans wasn't the only person she screwed, but we're supposed to believe her thinking, her decision making, was impartial?


  5. Justin - in Victoria, we also having our basket of rotting fish.

    Sure, we're not playing musical chairs and pass the Premier, and our economy is rockin' along just fine, but imagine how good we'd have it if Bracks and Brumby hadn't both mismanaged every damned thing involving economics?

    Makes me want to weep.