July 17, 2010


Tony Abbott comes out punching, fully clothed and with a tie on.


He made Gillard sound like the evasive, lying, faction-beholden, irresponsible, wiggly-worm pollie that she is.


Game on.


  1. Solomon2:44 PM

    Did I miss the press conference where he did that? I just thought he was a buck-toothed, simian, big-eared, monkey-faced, troll-cuddling, kitten-drowning, bog-filling, big-foot-believing-in, Howard-worshipping dickweed.

  2. Yes you did Sol. His first press conference after the election date was announced.

    He might have been cuddling a very small troll as he addressed the press, but he was sharp and relevant.

    It's been downhill from there.

    He's buggered.

    He should never be allowed to ad-lib.

  3. Solomon10:41 PM

    Is there a link? I want to see him be effective.

    Dead, buried AND cremated? Someone needs to die and find out what is wrong with that statement.

  4. Err, it would be on YouTube, I assume - Tony Abbott election kick off / election speech, or such. Or via his own web site. I assume he has one.

    It was a short speech - the best kind - couldn't get himself into too much strife.