July 30, 2010

Duck Friday


  1. Awwww... Not another Red Legged Ranga, Caz!

    Well, at least this pic is sans airbrushing and make-up.

  2. With this election, a bit hard to identify the duck on a rock, Kath.

  3. You know if you google "Duck Friday" your blog is the second link to come up.
    The first is for some band with a duck name who happens to be playing on a Friday in September in some place I have never heard of (around Sydney I think.)

    I think that's very impressive!

  4. I dunno, that kinda sucks.

    Some random little band, playing a one night stand at the local pub ranks first, meanwhile I've been slaving away, week after week, year after year, creating the iconic and genre-spawning Ducky Friday, and I only rank second!!

  5. But the band thing will be gone after the 24th of September, well you would expect it should anyway.

    Then you should be number 1!

  6. Oh that's great. An unknown band gets to up-stage me for two whole months!

    I feel a whole lot better now.