July 25, 2010

Dithering bully

The annals will record that the shafting of Kev Rudd was all down to his shifting identity, combined with being, fundamentally, entirely unsuited to leadership.

Gillard's policies are as idiotically lacking in vision as were Rudd's, but at least her personality and temperament doesn't flap about in the wind, even if her hair-do is a work in perpetual progress.

"Doesn't play well with other kiddies" pretty much sums up why Rudd was dumped.

While I had my doubts, a piece from The Australian a couple of weeks ago is convincing.

For those who had to work with him - the party, the public servants, the business stakeholders, the fetch and carry people - the man was a nightmare. For the same reasons, on the same causal spectrum, as a PM, he was useless.

Yes, he had to go, but it begs the question of how and why the ALP, yet again, selected a singularly unsuitable leader. His essence was known. The same deal as when they selected Latham. Both men were shrill and out of their depth.

"... he leaves with the labels of amateur, the apprentice prime minister who in the end could not survive. His policy problems arose not from ideology but from chaotic process, a lack of intuition and an inflexibility which, in turn, were a reflection of Rudd's personality."

This tells us as much about the ALP as it does about Rudd.

Win at any price.

It was ever thus.

Rudd - The Enemy Within


  1. Spot on Caz!

    Our pollies are just piss weak these days.

    No guts no glory.

    Tone and Jules?

    Pffft! Lightweights.. Too scared to say to boo to a goose! (or duck)

    Oh for the good old days, of Hawke, Keating and yes, Howard..

    These wishy washy pricks leave me cold!

  2. Kath - I was so bored with the 'debate' last night that I deemed it unworthy of even a scant post. Not even to point out my absolute degree of boredom on the scale of boredom.

    Neither of our major party leaders had anything to say.

    Which must explain their continued flirt-fest: like attracts like.

  3. Craig W7:56 AM

    I am not certain that "all" of the pollies are to blame for the current situation but I am certain that the ALP (or groups working with it) have a lot to answer for. Yesterday in the mail we receieved a "brochure" that breathlesly advised that Tony Abbott will bring back work choices. Ho Hum. How many times and how many ways must it be denied? If he dares to suggest anything radical at all then the unions and ALP will mount the mother of all scare campaigns - which they do so well.

    Why on earth would he make big announcements when displaying some of the vision thing may kill any chance of them winning the election?

    It may be a slim chance but I do believe that if they play their cards right they can win this one. Maybe being positive would be a good thing, but in this case I think they need to hammer home what a mess this current lot are and that Gillard was an integral part in the whole thing.

  4. I would be very surprised if the Libs did not pick up a few seats Craig, but they have zero chance of winning.

    Abbott alienated about 95% of the female population before Gillard took over or an election announced. He will never be PM of this country.

    Agree that banging on about Work Choices is tedious. Sheesh. Didn't we vote it out three years ago? Talk about old bloody hat. And now the telly ads are going, more banging on about it. It's not even close to being the worst / most important thing for this country, yet it's up there in lights, as if it really matters.

    Not sure which is worse: recycling the last election's issues or Abbott's idiot vow to never ever change the current legislation. What a fucking twit of a man. A PM who ties his own hands before getting into office. No. Dumb-arsed stuff. That type of do-nothing declaration is no substitute for a policy.

    Gillard was one of the kitchen cabinet Craig. She was there every step of the way, in the thick of every decision and every bungle. She'll still win the gig over Abbott though. We will have, unfortunately, three more years of the same policy and economic idiocy that we had under Rudd - except this time it will come from someone in a frock. Wow. Big change.

  5. Solomon4:22 PM

    Looks like Kevin doesn't have the gall to......I don't know, I'm half way there.

  6. Apparently so, Sol.

    Either that, or he did have the gall, and the metaphor has manifested, physically.