July 10, 2010

Civility in the realms of espionage

Lovely to see that the warm and wiggly relations between the US and Russia have resulted in a prompt and civilized exchange of spies.

See how easy it is if all the kiddies plays nice?

US trades Russian spies


  1. But what if they run out of spies to exchange? Will they send some more over?

  2. That's a sticky question Tim.

    Pertinent too, given that this exchange is a ten for four job, which would suggest that there are only four (now none) US spies locked up in Russia.

    Perhaps the US will be reduced to bargaining for a life time supply of vodka next time, in lieu of having any spies of their own to retrieve.

    Relationships would remain civil, and a good time would be had by all, for a long time.