June 24, 2010


Anyone want to take a shot at explaining why Rudd is going to contest his seat at the next election?


Anyone at all?


  1. Solomon1:42 AM

    Because otherwise he'd have to change his career and he doesn't know how to do anything else.

  2. Jacob7:23 AM

    Because he wants to continue to serve the community in the best way he can (or, in the only way he knows).

    Because for him things like the ETS/CPRS/TOE are unfinished business.

    Because he wants to take another shot at the "top job".

    Because he wants to continue giving aid and succour to Mugabe, and to Muslim and anti-whaling countries.

    Because he wants to run Australia like Mugabe runs Zimbabwe (seeing as Mugabe won't let him actually run Zimbabwe) and run death squads to protect his interests.

    I think maybe that covers at least some of the spectrum of thinking out there on this.

  3. I think it is a bit like a guy who is suddenly and completely unexpectedly dumped by a girlfriend, and the first reaction is a shocked "can we still be, you know, just friends?" The first answer might be a tentative yes, but on reflection, both sides realise that would be just be too uncomfortable and icky.

    I mean, what could Rudd do? Relations with Chinese have become worse under his PM-ship; so you can't slot him back into foreign affairs (it is also too clearly a demotion back to a job he used to have.) They need to create some specialised but harmless position that gives him something to do but keeps him out of the spotlight. I dunno: special secretary for asian language education? Honorary ambassador for insomnia research?

  4. Steve - yes, I think you're onto exactly the right narrative.

    Except for one important omission: the agreement to 'just be friends' generally entails one of the parties vigorously agreeing because of their deep and abiding belief that everlasting love will be rekindled. Proximity and frequency is everything, after all.

    As with any broken relationship, the thinking is utterly deluded.

    Rudd being recycled in the ALP in any significant manner, let alone the manner in which he yearns, would be a second coming of such breath-taking proportions that the entire country would come to a shuddering halt.

    We've already had Turnball doing his weird retired/not-retired turn about - stupidly, if you ask me - who wants to vote for a guy who can't, himself, figure out whether or not he wants to be in the game? Flip flop. Flip flop.

    One imagines, and hopes, that as the first flush and tears of rejection subside, Rudd will rethink his continued commitment to an unrequited love.

    It's not as though he will ever need spare pocket money, and his wife adores him, bless her.

    He's still young-ish though, and I have no concept of what someone of his background, character and temperament would undertake as a late-life second career.

    The insomnia research idea sounds awfully promising though.

  5. "It's not as though he will ever need spare pocket money, and his wife adores him, bless her."

    Yes, Caz... Therese is indeed a loyal and loving wife...

    Now.. if only she could do something with the curly hair....
    And please, let's not mention Gillard's hair or her crappy unflattering choice of clothing.. ;)

  6. Is it really true Gillard is beholden to the commercial interests of David Jones?

    Jonesy might well have a rival in 'Twiggy', judging by the way the latter lately was beholdin' our new PM on national tv.

    Does Twiggy regard Julia as fertile ground for his attentions?

    Does he regard his relationship with our new PM as pregnant with new possibilities?

    Is Twiggy drilling into the new political landscape in the hope of felicitous fiscal fecundity?

  7. Jacob - all of the above, apparently!

    Disturbing that a handful of billionaires are taking credit for Rudd's humiliation, but somewhat less disturbing than a PM capitulating on a key taxation policy that would not have lost more than a few superfluous votes.

    The electorate widely supports the change to mining taxation. It's not voters, not the proud and hardworking Aussies she claims to represent, to whom Gillard is pandering. A little odd for a Marxist.