June 23, 2010

Panicked Fools!

The ALP is sunk.

Gillard has a breathtaking arrogance and lunatic timing.

Rudd, whose anger and fury are legendary, is angry and furious.

Tony Abbott - laughing?!

He must be.




  1. Solomon10:53 PM

    For the record, I thought Tony Abbott would become opposition leader and that Julia Gulia would usurp Rudd as leader quicker than anyone thought. Of course that sounds a lot less impressive given that I never bothered to say so before.

    This move marks the total consolidation of the rule by newspoll.

  2. Solomon11:02 PM

    Also my interpretation of the polls themselves is that the Australian public were boosting Abbott in order to put pressure on the PM so that he would give them another $700 stimulus package. So it was a bad idea, but now that they've done it, they have to go through with it or it will be an anti-climax.

  3. The ALP is sunk...???
    Could be a slam dunk.. ;)

  4. Solomon12:14 AM

    Mmm Kath I can't think of anything K. Rudd does well that Julia Gulia doesn't do just as well. It depends on what she does with policy. She should make a great big lurch to the LEFT.

    The coup kind of reminds me of the scene in Basic Instinct where Catherine Trammel stabs Johnny Boz with an ice pick whilst having sex with him.

  5. Ha ha! Yes indeedy, Sol..

  6. Gillard, in the first hours and day, seems to be attempting to be a facsimile of Hawke - the next great conciliator, which is mildly interesting.

    Except that the ALP created the problems over which they now need to compromise the crap out of themselves, oops, conciliate, I mean.