June 27, 2010

Overly modest Abbott

No, it's not that Abbott has put the Speedos away for winter and donned new suits, it's that he has offered the electorate 12 achievable promises. Not in and of itself a silly thing, in fact it's smart, given that the opposition usually fails to commit to or announce a firm stance on anything prior to or during an election.

The problem is that Abbott has been overly modest with his potential deliverables, given that some have already been delivered, or will already done by the time an election rolls around.

But that obvious point is almost certainly balanced out by the simplicity of his announcement. Clear, succinct commitments - not to mention the reliance on action words (rule 101 of any decent CV). Very savvy. Don't think it will get him the gig, but it all helps toward picking-off a few more seats, whittle away, rebuild their parliamentary numbers.

Mr Abbott says he will:

RESTORE the Budget to surplus in three years and pay off debt.

END Labor's wasteful spending on advertising, school halls and insulation batts programs.

REJECT the 40 per cent mining tax.

PROTECT small business and make government pay its bills on time.

ENFORCE strict border security by sending boat people to another country for processing.

LINK population growth to better infrastructure.

REDUCE emissions by 5 per cent by 2020.

PRESERVE the private health insurance rebate.

GIVE families six months of paid parental leave.

PROVIDE closed-circuit TV for councils to make streets safer.

PAY the best teachers more to improve education.

BRING back work-for-the-dole and welfare obligations.

Abbott puts election promises in writing


  1. Solomon4:57 PM

    What difference does it make what country refugees are processed in if you're still processing them? The only way to stop refugees coming is to deny their claims, which is what every people smuggler I've seen interviewed has said.

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I wonder how long Tony will last as leader after he loses the erection?


  3. Solomon8:15 PM

    Why do we keep jerking these people around if we're just going to take them anyway? Make a decision assholes. At least then they could GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  4. Justin - eeewwwweeee - images, imagines!

    Sol - yeah, same old story, year after year. Most are assessed and let in. Which means we're paying goodness knows how many hundreds of millions of dollars to keep out (send back) a handful each year. A cost/benefit analysis by a primary school child would show that it doesn't add up.

    It's all perception politics, which is a bit pathetic. And expensive.