June 24, 2010

Gillard struggles to be humble

Gillard fails, to my mind, in her first speech as our unelected Prime Minister.

She fails to include all Australians in her smorgasbord of concerns and values.

She fails to give appropriate and respectful credit to Kevin Rudd, who is responsible for giving her the keys to the kingdom. She damns with under-whelming and pat comments. Ungracious.

She fails to inspire.

She fails to remember her elocution lessons. (Those flat vowels are a never ending challenge.)

She will win the election.


  1. Gillard is at least a plain and concise speaker.

    Interestingly, she says that she will remain in her flat in Canberra, moving only if she is
    re elected Prime-Minister by the Australian people...

    Strange days indeed...


  2. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Poor old Kev gets it in the arse because the polls aren't very good. Oh well, looks like the Party is full of jelly bellies who got spooked.

    Rudd would have won the next election - Abbot is funny, a bit George Bushish (hahaha) but the punters would not have backed him on the day.

    I've never liked Kev much but it's hard not to feel a little bit sorry for him (don't worry I'll get over it - Kev won't - ever).

    Anyway, it looks like bluey Gillard now has control over a bunch of testicles and quite a few pricks - let's see what she can do with them - politics, not the sort of game I'd like to be playing.

    I suppose we can expect an erection sooner than later - best not waste a honeymoon, and of course this will probably be the only honeymoon poor old bluey will have.

    Personally, I'd like to see her do good, and hope that she does.

    Shit hey, a black fella in the White House and a sheila as PM. Next we can expect to see Fred Nile leading the Society of Dirty Old Men and Kath doing the Pope's job.

    Strange that: in a real honeymoon all parties get f*cked (or should). In politics the f*cking comes after the honeymoon. Maybe a political honeymoon should be renamed "the celibacy".


  3. Solomon10:43 AM

    What's with all the pictures of Julia as a schoolgirl. What difference does it make?

  4. It's yeh olde retrospective Sol.

    You know: ooh aah, look how this little girl turned into Australia's first PM.

    The cliche stuff.

  5. Solomon10:13 PM

    Yeah: from schoolgirl to PM! Who wasn't a schoolgirl?

  6. I'll bet you were damned cute with pigtails and bows Sol.

  7. Solomon1:02 AM

    Yeah it was the best 17th birthday ever.