June 11, 2010

Duck Friday


  1. Is the sky about to fall in?
    I think it is, for dear old Kevin from Heaven.

    Now, all we need, is a crack to open up in the ground and swallow the man in the Budgie smugglers.. Then.. Bob's your uncle!

  2. Jacob7:37 PM

    Nah, Blanche wouldn't stand for it.

  3. Anonymous11:46 PM

    What if Tony Abbott and Bob Hawke got married?

    They'd be a pair if silly old budgie buggers.

    One thing for sure Kev's party machine is going to to it's best to bugger the budgie - I can just see it now:

    Do we really want this (adjective and image - or clip - of choice) as Prime Minister of Australia????????????

    We are going to hear this loud and clear, I reckon.

    It's gunna be fun, but methinks the numbers will grind into team Kev's favour as the election gets nearer.

    Now, if Tony Abbott married Alexander Downer and Alex, or Tony (take your prick) got pregnant, and had a kid - then who do you think their love child might end up looking like?


  4. The other obvious clip-loop, which can equally be thrown about by both parties, will be:

    What does this man stand for? Anything, anything at all?

    And we'll no doubt see the Libs rolling out the Gillard scare campaign, which, oddly, won't scare many people. So maybe they won't try that after all. Might actually push some people to stay with the ALP in the hope that Gillard takes the reigns during a second term.

    Gawd. This is going to be one really ugly, vacuous campaign.