April 17, 2010

Monkey see monkey do

Ah, the young Liberals, gotta love their cogent and sophisticated debating skills:

"This isn't the first time Obama has been likened to a monkey and it won't be the last time," he said.

"I'm disappointed with what the Young Liberal National Party president has said about me.

"He made incredibly fictitious comments. For the president to be slagging off a member like this. It is because I'm not in his faction. I am a moderate.

"I believe in different things and I've spoken out on certain issues."

And so you have little lad, so you have.

Young Libs Obama 'monkey' gibe


  1. What is it with young people today Caz?? They should be out drinking beer, having promiscuous sex, and doing drugs like normal young people.... instead they do vile and disgusting things like join a young political party.

    Misguided fools.

  2. I just think it's a shame that this young lad isn't perusing porn on the interwebs, or working at MacDonald's Dan, instead he spends his time exercising what he supposes to be a daring wit, a satirical streak, all in preparation for ... what ... a life in politics?

    Young folk, hey: can't tolerate 'em, can't drown 'em.

    They'll be all growed-up some day, running commerce and country and the nursing homes.

    Oh dear, perhaps I should try to play nice.

  3. Jacob9:17 PM

    Perhaps his problem's that he IS doing drugs, drinking beer, whatever, who knows.

    Normally no-one else's business, until it becomes the grog talking on twitter or some other public space.

    It's possible, as he says, his tweets were taken out of context, but the context becomes rather narrow when viewed, er, in context.

    Is someone who disgraces him/herself on twitter a twit or a twat?

    Now his twitter account's been deleted, one might wonder whether his tweets will end up archived in the Library of Congress with all the other epoch-making stuff broadcast via that vital medium?

  4. I suspect that the collective IQ of Queensland would be raised if he could be deported to ... somewhere, Jacob.

  5. I still think it's funny that he's so offended by the young Lib president "slagging" him off.

    Is that what he thought was going on?

  6. A good question... which sugggests another one: What is going on with his thinking processes? Then again, why go there?

    But anything's possible in politics, the guy may yet 'mature' in his approach and become the John Howard of his generation.

  7. Well, Abbott thought he was going to be a priest, then a journalist, so yes, a young lad who thinks he's a comic could easily turn his life around to become a pollie Jacob.