March 13, 2010

News flash: Fev knew he was married

Bingle had asked if Brereton thought Fevola would like her and if Fevola had a girlfriend, Brereton claimed.

"And I said back to her verbatim, 'No he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but that pretty blonde girl standing next to him is his wife,'" he said.

"And her reply to me verbatim was 'Do you think he’d still have a go after me?'"

Classy lass.

Brereton: Lara Bingle knew Fev was married


  1. A slut has no class Caz ;)

  2. She was only 19 Kath, and clearly wasn't, and isn't, the brightest crayon in the pack.

    She's never had a real job, no education, no independent income other than selling one salacious story.

    What's she going to do with the rest of her life when the media tires of reporting on her momentary fling with Fev?

    Not sure that she should be suing him, to be honest. Living off Fev (and her ex-fiance) are her only visible means of support in her short life.

    Ah well, Kate Fisher managed to retire and disappear from public life in her 20s thanks to the kiss-off payment from ex-fiance Packer, perhaps Bingle will do us the same favor.